We are pleased to let you know that in addition to our great selection of vegetarian dishes we also have a selection of Vegan dishes available which takes nothing away from your regular indian dish, our Vegan Indian dishes are prepared using only Vegan friendly Quorn and other Vegan ingredients such as Vegan Butter etc.

We want you to enjoy your favourite Indian dish, it is why our chef has prepared these extremely delightful dishes especially for the Vegans out there.

Currently we have the following Vegan dishes prepared carefully using only Vegan ingredients:

  • Quorn Tikka starter or tandoori grill main
  • Quorn Shashlik
  • Quorn Biryani
  • Quorn Tikka Biryani
  • All traditional dishes including vegan Masala, Balti, Pasanda, Jalfrezi etc
  • All classic dishes from the menu Vegan Curry, Madras, Vindaloo etc

To order an Indian Vegan Dish, simply go to the order online page and add the products to cart, and follow the checkout process to complete your order.

Our regular customers are already aware of our Vegan dishes and trust us to provide them with their favourite indian dish in a Vegan variant. Hope you’ll love this too.

Check our delivery areas here.